New book in the Gracie Blessing Series launched

Gracie Blessing’s Greatest Challenge

“One, much larger and stockier than the others, had the appearance of a wild boar, but this was no ordinary wild animal. .. it was the most deadly lifeform imaginable.”

  Gracie, her best friend Joe and their faithful dog Solomon, embark on a final perilous  journey into a terrifying faraway world where a devious evil power exists. They battle against  dangerous, wicked forces to reach their destination, and it is only then that Gracie realises what her greatest challenge is. Can she face the unexpected, devastating task that the Supreme Being charges her to do?

“A totally, engaging, immersive story written with warmth, wit and imagination. It is a gripping, exciting tale that rings with ancient magic and menace; contemporary story-telling at its finest.”

                                                                Olivia Eisinger, Editor