Due to all the challenges associated with self-isolation and lockdown, and the fact that AuthorCraft meetings are not possible, we have created three new services to support your author journey.

In addition, we will also be shortly adding a new webinar platform for AuthorCraft, based on the www.expertise.tv platform. More news aboiut that shortly.

Book Launch Countdown

“Every new book is a start-up business and needs to be viewed as such if it is to realise its potential”

Putting your publishing plans into action, and building asuccessful business around your knowledge.  A curated progamme of weekly ‘how-to’ training modules supported with the specialist services you need to launch your  book to the world. CLICK HERE

An Author Business Coach is interested in much more than helping you to create a great manuscript and to help you with the mechanics of publishing. They are there to help to give you clarity on all of the elements needed to make it a commercial success and create a robust business around your words. CLICK HERE

The AuthorCraft Concierge Service is aimed at busy authors and public speakers who need a knowledgeable extra pair of hands to support them with their business.  For those that do not have the luxury of a support team behind them to provide ‘back office’ services, but could do with someone to delegate marketing, promotions, creative, production and event tasks, then the AuthorCraft Concierge Service is for you. CLICK HERE