Author’s Journey

What every author needs

The one area most authors seem to struggle with is with marketing – and selling(!) – their books. It is so easy to end up with a garage full of boxes but with no idea of how to get them to market. That is what AuthorCraft is all about.

The question is though, when do you start marketing your books? If your answer is ‘Once I receive them from the printers’ then you are already at least two months too late! At AuthorCraft we believe that you should be thinking about your marketing before you even start writing your manuscript. The first thing you need is complete clarity on who you are writing for, what is the problem they need to solve, and why they would purchase your book. If you don’t have complete clarity on this, you might find yourself writing the wrong book!

AuthorCraft is for you if:

  • You are thinking about writing a book but need clarity on how to target it to your chosen niche market.
  • You need impartial facts to understand all of the options open to you
  • You need help to raise your profile in advance of launching your book
  • You need help in using social media tools to build your followers and start creating momentum.
  • You need recommendations to creative professionals to help with book design, layout, editing and proofreading
  • You want to be inspired and learn from other authors who have been successful.

We are proud to launch our new suite of services at a time when we are all on lockdown and unable to attend events. All of the ways we support our authors are now all delivered onlnie, or via Zoom, email or our new webinar channel on www.expertise .tv (from Summer 2020)