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There are many good reasons for coming to our regular AuthorCraft events in the Institute of Directors. Even without our line-up of interesting and informative speakers, there is much to be gained by meeting up with fellow authors, sharing experiences and learning from each other. There is never enough time to make all the mistakes yourself so learn from the mistakes of others! Since I founded AuthorCraft in 2012, our monthly events have brought some amazing people together in the one space.  Best-selling authors, international experts, editors, proofreaders, graphic artists, web designers, illustrators and many more. All of them are there to share their knowledge and experience. Of particular value are the author journeys that have been shared on stage. Many of them have been moving, funny, informative or inspiring. In some cases, all of the above.  My philosophy is to give all of our authors the opportunity to speak and share their stories. Are you ready to share yours?