Amazon UK slowly phasing out free delivery

By Peter Chubb

Is Amazon UK slowly phasing out free delivery? This is a question that we have started to ask because Amazon has begun to send emails out, as they are all set to double the minimum spend limit in order for customers to make use of free delivery.

This will soon mean you will have to spend a minimum of £20 in order to qualify for free delivery, which had already been increased from £5 two years ago in July.

DonÔÇÖt get us wrong; you do still get free delivery, although you have to wonder how long for? Having said that, some resellers will still not charge for delivery, although that is down to their discretion.

The main reason for Amazon to make such a change is because they are making it even more tempting to upgrade to an Amazon Prime account, and if you do order regularly, then we can see the appeal.

However, if you do not use Amazon that much, then we can see this new minimum spend limit forcing you to use rival online stores, which is great for the competition.