AuthorCraft Coaching Call Tuesday 15th November 7pm

authorcraft-230-buttonThanks to everyone on our last AuthorCraft Academy webinar recently. This was the first time that we used a new platform to deliver the training session and we were keen to get your feedback. A number of you did try – and fail – to connect with the platform which was disappointing. I am very sorry for that inconvenience.

As a result, we have taken the decision to simplify the way we deliver our weekly training and mentoring calls and to make it more accessible to everyone, irrespective of the age of your computer!  It seems that Windows XP is still alive and well with many authors!

Our next call will now be a conference by phone rather than online and will use the platform.

It will feature Author Coach and Editor Wendy Yorke and AuthorCraft co-founder Chris Day

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS that you would like answers for, please email them to

During the call, you can send texts to 07802 211587 and we will answer your questions.


1. Call at 7pm on Tuesday 15th November to 0844 545 2121 (from a landline) or 83000 (from a mobile).
2. Enter the following PIN code: 27532451.
3. YouÔÇÖll be transferred in the Conference Call automatically.

If youÔÇÖre abroad and want to use your mobile phone, call the worldwide dial-in number: +12136039096.

Need help? Call our 24/7 Live Support on 0800 151 0065 (Freephone) / +44 207 100 1380 or visit

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It couldnÔÇÖt be simpler!

Future dates for calls:

Tuesday November 29th.   December 6th

A new schedule will be published for 2017.