Before you start your Book Launch Countdown

Before you start your Book Launch Countdown – by Chris Day at Filament Publishing

chris photo 02Book Launch Countdown brings together all the different elements that you will need to have in place to successfully launch your book, and help you create a TimeLine of actions to follow during the weeks leading up to your chosen launch date.

Launching a book is very different from launching any other product or service. There are key third parties like book reviewers and journalists, book buyers, and distributors who all have a part to play in the success of the venture, and who all need to be involved in particular ways.┬á So many excellent self-published books fail to reach their potential because the author just wasnÔÇÖt aware of all the many links in the chain to get their book properly launched. Book Launch Countdown will keep you in the driving seat of your project by providing you with the information, contacts, processes and templates you will need to make the maximum impact and turn your book into a profitable venture.

During your Book Launch Countdown, you will be working on a number of different areas in parallel, so it might be easier to have separate timelines for each subject.  These might be:

  • Editorial – including proofreading
  • Design and layout ÔÇô sourcing photos, illustrations, tables and cartoons
  • Production and distribution
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing – building your list. Scheduling newsletter / autoresponders
  • PR and Marketing
  • Events – Book Launch, Book Signings, Personal appearances
  • Joint Ventures, strategic partnerships
  • Market research – Information about your Niche and target reader, topical stories
  • Author Website
  • YouTube marketing
  • Administration / Project Management

BUT DONÔÇÖT PANIC! Yes, these is a lot to do, but we will help you through it one simple step at a time.

Book Launch Countdown does your thinking ahead for you so all you need to focus on is one step at a time.

ACTION POINTS before you start

  • Using the project costing tool on the home page of , choose the services you need for your publishing project and to arrive at a budget figure
  • Using the online forms on the website, provide us with the information we need to enable us to set up your project on our cloud based author project management system.
  • We will supply you with documents through the system about the different ways we can work with you to help you achieve your goals and objectives
  • Book an Induction Session with one of our Editors or Author Coaches to help Identify your needs, preferences, objectives, budget, schedule of services and timeline.
  • Agree and sign your author agreement
  • On commencement of your project make the agreed progress payment

For any questions call Chris Day on 07802 211587.