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Michelle picture for webHello AuthorCraft, my name is D Michelle Gent, IÔÇÖm a writer, author, editor (and a few other things besides). IÔÇÖm running a website aimed at helping Indie and Small Press published Authors.
I was first published by my husbandÔÇÖs small press company Gingernut Books in August 2010 and since then weÔÇÖve been determined to help writers improve their craft in as many ways as we can imagine.
We met Chris Day a few years ago and he has been a fount of helpful advice and ideas and itÔÇÖs time we repaid the favour. AuthorCraft members are being invited to take a look at our website before it goes live to see if thereÔÇÖs anything we can improve on. You are also invited to take part in the month-long trial membership period once the site goes live.
For now, we have a team which will write a review that you are welcome to use on your own sites (or any site you have access to). Our Review Crew will also post on Amazon and Goodreads if youÔÇÖd like, and we have plans to expand the service to critiques in the future.

On TheIBReviews site we have a number of ways to interact with what we anticipate will be a large audience. Forums, blog hosting, Author Spotlight, articles, help and advice and a dedicated area where you can share your writing in piecemeal for the purpose of drumming up interest, getting feedback and beta-readers etc.
Eventually we will expand the site to encompass Agents and PublishersÔÇÖ areas but for now weÔÇÖre learning to walk rather than trying to run by getting a well-stocked site running smoothly before adding too much too quickly.
Please feel free to join the site and take a look at what weÔÇÖre doing there. As I said, if you have any feedback, please let me know. If you have a book for review email

The website is