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Is your Author Website secure?

According to Emma Fletcher of – if your website displays as “not secure” you need to do something about it! What does HTTPS mean for your small business? HTTPS is a way to encrypt information that is sent between a browser and a web server. This protects your website’s users from “man-in-the-middle” attacks, where […]

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Write early for Christmas!

We may be having the longest heatwave since records began, but don’t be fooled; in the world of books, Christmas is just around the corner! This year, Super Thursday, as it is known in the book trade, is on 4th October. This is the day when wagon loads on new books arrive in bookshops up […]

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Full house for AuthorCraft July event

“Very often you read a flier about a speaker which if full of all sorts of superlatives, only to be disappointed when they failed to live up to their billing. The complete opposite is true of Michael Dodd!   His billing was full of practical learning points and the nuggets of gold we would take away. […]

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