Filament publishes ‘Yeshu’a: The story of the hidden life of Jesus’

yeshu'a book 1 for fila site‘Yeshu’a The story of the hidden life of Jesus’ was written by┬áPietro de la Luna, son of a US diplomat. He grew up in Africa, Europe, and the United States and has also lived in England, the U.S., and France. His book, the first book of a trilogy is an intimate autobiographical account of the hidden life of Jesus. Detailing his family life and Initiate training, the lost years, and the Essenes in a tender, caring voice, Yeshu’a as well reveals the true history of the world and speaks of the transformational times in which we now live. It also tells a different story of his short ministry in Palestine than is given by the canonical Gospels. From Egypt, Qumran, Mt. Carmel, the Druids of Pretannia, and the Orient, to his relationship with his Beloved Magdalen, Yeshu’a will shock some in their orthodox beliefs, but ultimately Jesus’s message of unconditional love and universal forgiveness comes through loud and clear: We are all Christ.

Yeshu’a has been receiving a flood of five star reviews on Amazon.

Donald Sosim wrote “Yeshu’a is an astounding journey. It’s not just the events in the life of of Jesus in the years before his public ministry, but it’s a voyage into his innermost thoughts. I read this book with the feeling that the author had been there himself witnessing the events, the detail is so intimate…. We learn about.Yeshu’a’s family and closest friends, his teachers in Egypt and in the Essene community at Mount Carmel. And about his past lives, of which he has full memory. This is a novel, to be sure, but it feels like the truth to me. Any seeker of wisdom will find deep satisfaction in this book, written in a soft, melodic poetry that transports the reader into another dimension of feeling. The author says, “You are all the ones you have been waiting for.” This book is the one I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait for Book 2!”

This book is an amazing and eye opening account that is so much bigger than you could ever imagine. A must read. If I had one wish for the world it would be for everyone to experience the life of Jesus as the author expresses it. What a gift to the world!!!!

Such a beautifully written masterpiece, it is as if i am living within it, transported back to the moments, watching all that happens as a sacred witness, the sights, scents, and sounds etched upon my soul. Mr. de la Luna has renewed my spirit. He demonstrates poetic courage in chronicling his vision.