Full house for AuthorCraft July event

“Very often you read a flier about a speaker which if full of all sorts of superlatives, only to be disappointed when they failed to live up to their billing. The complete opposite is true of Michael Dodd!   His billing was full of practical learning points and the nuggets of gold we would take away. If failed, however, to prepare us for the energy, the engagement and the whirlwind of powerful concepts that he unleashed the moment he took to the stage. In everything he over delivered and left our AuthorCraft audience, crying out for more. If you get the chance – book him! You will never be disappointed!”

 A huge thank you to all of our speakers, contributors, audience, crew and hangers-on. You all contributed to an amazing night! I look forward to seeing you at the Ultimate Social Media workshop on September 11th and then at our next full AuthorCraft event on September 25th. Have a great Summer!
Chris Day – Founder of AuthorCraft, the professional network for Authors