Gail Torr, the USA book publicist live from Los Angeles at AuthorCraft in July

Gail Torr, founder and president of Galaxy Media USA, is a media specialist with over 20 years experience in all aspects of the communications business. She formed Galaxy Media USA as a vehicle to shine her talents and passion on people, products and projects that inspire, uplift and illuminate. Galaxy Media USA represents high caliber individuals, products and services in lifestyle, entertainment and health and wellness. Clients past and present include: independent publishing house, Findhorn Press, and their authors Stewart Pearce, Diana Cooper, Cat Bennett and Naomi Call, author and daughter of Deepak Chopra, Malika Chopra, international author, seminar leader and originator of the self-discovery process called The Work, Byron Katie, Life Coach Mary Allen, innovative sustainable housing project Equipoise, the child enrichment centers, CosmiKids, British Events and Publicity Company, Vivid Ink, Lifestyle Coach, Kute Blackson, author Dylan Woods, non-profit aids charity UCLA CHIPTS, European entertainment company, Film1, and the film, The Way.

Prior to focusing her talents on publicity and promotions, Gail enjoyed an inspired career as a television writer, producer and journalist. She began her career with Granada television in the UK where she produced everything from live network programming to gritty documentary television. She has covered all kinds of stories from natural disasters to celebrities and many major world events from the Oscars to the Olympics. Her stories have appeared worldwide and she has worked for many top broadcast organizations including: Granada Television, BBC, Reuters, Turner Networks, Disney, Paramount, Fox, HGTV, Film1 and Canal Plus. The highlights of her TV career include two years as supervising producer on the UK’s top morning show, This Morning; an award-winning documentary for TNT, The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful; and Hollywood Cops for TLC.

Gail is originally from Rotherham, England. She moved to Los Angeles some 20 years ago where she now lives with her husband and their two daughters.

Gail will be on a live link from the USA during the July AuthorCraft event. Do have your questions ready for her in advance. Email them to advice