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My Best of the Best titles are collected in a monthly Listopia entry (and on the page for each book) at

┬áAs of September, I have started a ÔÇ£Business Book of the WeekÔÇØ feature, on my site and on Goodreads.

As the former manager of Microsoft NetworkÔÇÖs Books and Reading Community, I have a large following of book fans who read my monthly list of recommended books on my website (the most recent list is at The list has proven to be a valuable resource to not only book lovers, but by the acquisitions departments at academic and public libraries, and bookstores (both online and brick-and-mortar).┬á Pageviews are running at over 250,000/month.

Each month, I may write a brief review or two, but I am concentrating on the list, which will include sections for nonfiction, fiction, and childrenÔÇÖs books.┬á Each will be preceded by a section for best books in each category.┬á I have also begun accepting ÔÇ£Featured Book of the MonthÔÇØ ads on my start page.┬á IÔÇÖll run one ad at a time for $300/month.┬á Let me know if you are interested ÔÇô there is no obligation whatsoever to purchase an ad in order to have your book reviewed or recommended.┬á I do not charge a fee for any review or recommendation.

Listed below are the books IÔÇÖd like to see for March/April 2016.┬á Feel free to include any other titles you think are of merit.┬á IÔÇÖm interested in seeing fiction, textbooks, art/architecture/photography books, books about social and political issues, pop arts, and childrenÔÇÖs books. I have a special interest in cognitive neuroscience.┬á Please make sure IÔÇÖm on your catalog distribution list and I have your latest with a reviewer checklist.┬á Please make sure to send me finished printed versions, as 95% of those who respond to a recommendation with a purchase do so in a printed format.┬á Each of my lists contains recommendations of 75-100 books.┬á LetÔÇÖs help more great writers get the recognition they deserve.

P.S.┬á IÔÇÖm currently the Director of Moderation Services at Mzinga, a provider of learning software and moderation services, where I occasionally promote books in the communities of my clients.┬á If you are looking for moderation or customer services for your interactive areas, give me a call at (520) 615-9021.┬á If you are a fan of ABCÔÇÖs hit show The Bachelor, stop over to┬á It is one of many high-profile communities managed by Mzinga.

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