Instagram is Now a Book Publishing Platform?

These kids, they just donÔÇÖt show loyalty to brands like the olden days. Now you have to go on their turf to get their attention to keep getting attention for your brand. So, in an attempt to teach by doing, marketer Jason Sperling is releasing his new how-to in the digital age marketing book bit by bit, Instagram post by Instagram post.

Starting June 25, Look at Me When IÔÇÖm Talking to You will be posted page by page on Instagram over the course of 160 days. Sperling will use Instagram video to animate his bookÔÇÖs illustrations, making for a multimedia instructional on modern marketing. The piecemeal approach reflects SperlingÔÇÖs thoughts on the consumer market in 21st century ÔÇö in an interview with Ad Week, he talks about how shrinking attention spans are making it harder for brands to create long-term growth and stability. But, heÔÇÖs not just spouting the conventional wisdom of the day ÔÇö he has his doubts about the value of viral content, which tends to come and go very quickly without granting the creator any long-term benefits.

Sperling knows a thing or two about creating long-lasting growth ÔÇö heÔÇÖs worked on campaigns for Honda, Pixar, ESPN, and Suzuki, and led the team that created AppleÔÇÖs 2010 ÔÇÿGet a MacÔÇÖ campaign. Anyone who graduated from the Apple school of marketing is pretty much guaranteed to have something useful to say on the subject.

ÔÇ£Look at Me When IÔÇÖm Talking to YouÔÇØ examines the obstacles that collectively threaten our industryÔÇÖs future and offers up new rules for getting attention in an attention scarce world, inspiring care amidst consumer apathy, and fostering loyalty from an increasingly discerning and departing audience. It offers proven strategies for connecting with todayÔÇÖs fickle, fleeing, over-stimulated audience. It has 20% more humor than most marketing books, and 100% more pictures.
ItÔÇÖs getting harder for books to break through, as well. So in the spirit of disrupting prescribed models and in the hopes of being my best example, Look At Me When IÔÇÖm Talking to You is going to be the first-ever book released on Instagram. Yes, INSTAGRAM. The home of selfiers and humblebraggarts will now become a home of authors, too. It will unspool page-by-page for the next several months, with a bite-sized portion every day. And because itÔÇÖs being released on social media, it will be a ÔÇ£collaborativeÔÇØ book, combining my thoughts, your comments and consumer perspectives.
Look At Me When IÔÇÖm Talking to You will launch on June 25th. Read it daily by following @lookatmebook.