Introducing a new book marketing tool

We all love to flip through the pages of a new, interesting book in a bookstore, which is why booksellers everywhere try to replicate this ‘look inside’ experience.

With our new Book2Look widget or Biblet as it is known, authors can share books with their followers, and allow them to peek inside the book, discover more about the author, the content, watch videos and listen to audio clips, and even go ahead and purchase the book at the same time!.

With Biblets, the point of Discovery also becomes the point of purchase. No need to send your potential customer elsewhere. Once they have sampled your book, they can purchase it there and then – directly from the authors own website -so no retail marjins to share with anyone else. all the profit goes to the author!

No only that, but you can create great leverage on all your social media platforms by placing your Biblet as part of your post. Your followers can look inside your book, love it and buy it in just a few clicks.

You can also put a link to your Biblet into your emails and newsletters and reach even more people. You can also include it in your email signature!

This new tool will be included with all our newly published titles in 2019 and beyond. For past titles, we now offer a Biblet creation service for £99.

Check out the Biblet for Kim Rix’s book Buying Gemstones and Jewellery – CLICK ON THE BOOK!


Books go places – With the most sophisticated Social Media interface in the market it is fun for all readers to share your books on the net.

With one click the Biblet is shared in all relevant Social Networks.

The innovative email recommendation adds a personal touch

Easy but sophisticated embedding on your website

Book recommendation via SMS or WhatsApp on Smartphones

BookNet: We send your Biblets to thousands of subscribers of BookNet (channels on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest)

Wherever a reader finds the book, the online shop is just one click away.

With one click the Biblet is shared in all relevant Social Networks.

The only multi-format solution in the market! Sell all your book’s formats in one widget: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audio book …

You decide what shop links you want to use in your Biblets. The customer decides where he or she wants to buy

All your retail partners can have their own free customized version of your Biblets. A perfect support for your preferred partners.

We deliver your Book2look Biblets to all participating online shops.