Jane Tepley launches The Lightwatch Chronicles

The Lightwatch Chronicles: The Guardians

A powerful self-discovery guide written in the form of a novel.
A love that transcends the boundaries of time; true friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice, and a destiny that is greater than life. When the future of the world is at stake, the Guardians of Light will have to make the hardest choice…and they will need your help.

“A time will come when people will forget. Many will lose the memory of all that made them strong, their Light within, integrity, loyalty, and honour. Many will stray from their path, tortured by their own fear and blinded by the Shadow. But we will return, remember this, we will return again to show the way, and to awaken the Sleeping Stars, and once more will the world herald the Tale of the Guardians.”

  • Thought-provoking spiritual Fantasy/YA fiction that cleverly and skilfully incorporates the author’s expertise in the field of mindfulness, meditation and finding one’s life purpose.
  • H Tepley is the creator of ARIYA Training – a unique system of personal development that consists of meditation, physical training, mental drills, as well as yoga and special breathing exercises.
  • The author spent many years living and studying in Japan; she appeared on the Japanese national television and is fluent in four languages including Japanese and Russian.

 After a devastating war with the Shadow that destroyed their home, a group of four young warriors called the Quarta are on the run from the enemy. Their journey leads them to the Earth, Tokyo, where they get traced down. After the fight, one of them, Farien, mysteriously disappears. In a bid to find him, the other three (Tei, Hagal and Nesteri) hide their true identity and stay in Tokyo, where they use their talent to form a rock band, hoping it will be easier for Farien to find them. Little do they know that Farien got captured by the Shadow. After months of futile search, the warriors are attacked by their enemy again. They fight back with powerful energy from their hands, but the outcome is lethal.

On their journey, the warriors visit fantastic places, but the further they travel the clearer it becomes that their real journey is within. They learn the truth about themselves, and master higher levels of their own ability. As the reader follows in their wake, he or she can also find a path to Self and tap into the incredible powers of the mind. This book is a gateway – and the adventure awaits. The Lightwatch Chronicles is the first fantasy book whose aim is to help readers understand themselves better and find a deeper meaning in life.

 About the author:

J.H Tepley is a teacher, writer, speaker and the founder of ARYIA – a self-mastery movement for the warriors in spirit.  For over 19 years, Jay has been travelling the world training and researching mind-empowering techniques of the East and West. She currently lives in London.  www.ariyamindtraining.com

Jane H Tepley

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  • Paperback:220 pages   £11.99
  • Publisher:Filament Publishing (20 Jun. 2018)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1912256568
  • ISBN-13:978-1912256563
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 1.3 x 22.9 cm