Launching a Book: Learn How to Generate £20,000 and 1,000 leads in 3 Months

Launching a Book: Learn How to Generate £20,000 and 1,000 leads in 3 Months

by Warren Knight

Warren KnightIÔÇÖve spent 25 years in business, having worked with brands like Disney achieving $1M sales in one month and eight years specialising in social media & digital marketing. I have also co-foundered a couple of tech companies (one of which was valued at ┬ú1M in less than two years).

When deciding to write a book, the first thing you need to do is know what YOU want from the book.

I know I had enough experience with my wins, my failures and experience in a niche market to write a book. This however, is not enough to bring revenue into my business once the books been written and published, with or without a publisher.

IÔÇÖm going to share with you my top 10 tips that enabled me to get ┬ú20,000 of sales and generate 1,000 leads within three months from the launch of my book Think #Digital First.


Did you know it takes 10,000 hours to classed as an ÔÇ£expertÔÇØ? As an expert, you need to have a presence that solves a problem for individuals or businesses and build a product for this purpose. In my case, a product means being a professional speaker, offering an online product, digital downloads, training for business as well as being a coach/mentor. All of which builds a database of like minded people that know, trust and like you.


I wrote the book with the intention of being able to rewrite and redesign the book for a niche target audience or an event. My book has be designed for both a product driven business and a service driven business, with tips, tools, tactics and strategies for each included. When I approached the International Jewellery Show, to rewrite and redesign the front cover with a foreword from the CEO, I removed all of the generic content and replaced it with a Jewellery focus.


Inside your book, there must be very clear ÔÇ£call-to-actionsÔÇØ and a unique web address to give the reader the opportunity to continue their journey with you. This takes them to a landing page, where you give something away in exchange for a name and email address. My unique URL is which will take you to my website, making sure the journey can continue.


Your website needs to reflect your value proposition and enable your new followers to find out more about what you do and how you can help them. Always have a lead generating gift, where the user can take-away/download their gift by giving you their name and email address. All of the templates I talk about in my book, are available for download on my website. Make sure you stay true to your word, and are transparent with your readers from the first page of your book.


Make sure you have a presence on all of the top social network’s (staying brand consistent). Find the stand out one, or two networks where you target audience hangout and engage in two-way conversation with you community. Remember, all roads lead back to your website which is why brand consistency is key.


You know when your book is going to launch. Tell your audience when itÔÇÖs going to launch and tease them with a chapter (in exchange for a name & email address). As a profession speaker, I reached out to organisations I had previously built a relationship with, and those that I wanted to build a relationship with, and shared with them the value my book brings to their audience and the opportunity of working together. What I was offering was something very unique, and because of the trust I had buit in my industry and individually with every trade show/event I work with, they knew it would be a successful partnership.


Now we get to the fun part. This is where you find companies to work with, that have your target audience and see the value in you, your time and your book. These companies pay for the ÔÇ£privilegeÔÇØ of have a published author at their event. I had already had phone conversations with organisations about the book, before the book launched. It is so important to be organised, and proud of what you have written because if you donÔÇÖt believe in your book, no one will.


Be everywhere. There are so many different online, and offline outlets you can use to your advantage. Consider Podcasts, TV shows, Blogs, industry websites, expert panels, social media, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and a really good press release to focused industry journalists. Have a plan, not planning is planning to fail.


This is something that I hadnÔÇÖt done, previous to launching my book. I worked with a live streaming company, who came down to my book launch and streamed the whole evening. During the evening I had 100ÔÇÖs of people worldwide (who had never interacted with me before) watching my book launch, AND purchasing my book!

  1. TEAM

These are the people you have around you that help you do the things youÔÇÖre not good at. Focus on your strengths and build a (virtual) team of individuals who are good at what they do and believe in you.

I decided to go down the road of ÔÇÿpartnership publishingÔÇØ as i didn’t know anything about getting into book stores, iTunes, Amazon etc etc but I wanted control over the book. I have a great content writer, who I ghost wrote the book with, and she does all of my article writing.

I also have a VA (Virtual Assistant) who helps me research my target market and gathers all the data and last but not least a telesales person. The tele salesman’s job is to get on the phone to speak with my target audience and act as my ÔÇÿgatekeeperÔÇØ, making sure that when I have a 30 minute call, it results in the best outcome possible for both parties.

I really hope these tips will help you make the right decision for your book and delivers the return on your time in exchange for new followers and revenue into your business.