Meet Janet Jones – the Happiness Millionnaire


Janet, founder of Happiness Millionaire Ltd, motivates and inspires people to live happier and more successfully using the Power of Positive Images. Through her discovery of how images impact our happiness and success, she soon became a leading breakthrough and happiness expert in the UK and the author of the new book, Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful LIFE.

ÔÇÿYou have to open your eyes to possibility.┬áEven in the darkest of places there are opportunities to be found.ÔÇÖ ┬áJanet Jones

After years of living the life that others thought she should lead, being told to know her place as a daughter, wife and mother and to recognise her limitations, Janet Jones found the strength to overcome heartache, hear her own voice and pursue her dreams.

By combining her talent for photography with her desire to find happiness, she developed a unique approach to achieve success in both her personal and professional life.

As the Happiness Millionaire, Janet has shared that approach with audiences across Europe and the Far East and now she is set to share the Power of Positive Images in this exciting new book.

If you are ready to find the courage to become your own Happiness Millionaire, this easy-to-follow book will lead you on that journey.

Her book fuses a simple time-tested system of personal development with a new way of training the mind through images to deliver the riches of true happiness.

Janet is speaking at AuthorCraft on Tuesday 28th March

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