Meet our guest speaker Penina Shepherd


ÔÇ£In In this visionary presentation, Penina also tells of her fascinating book writing journey that started in an Ashram in India and the steps she had to take to bring it to fruition. Her presentation, based on her bestseller book┬áThe Freedom Revolution, Penina also tells about the revolution that has taken the world of careers and businesses by storm whereby people follow their passion and purpose, not profit, but still, and precisely because of this, enjoy extraordinary financial success. In her talk Penina shares her personal journey of setting up her law firm, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW, from a complete standstill, at the start of the worst economic climate, on a shoestring budget, with a newborn third child and a life threatening illness. Her revolutionary vision, innovation and business model have been remarkably successful. The firm, was voted a ÔÇÿTop 50 Innovative Law Firms in the UK and Europe (Financial Times), now boasts a great team of commercial lawyers, offices in Brighton & Gatwick and an impressive long line of business clients.ÔÇØ

Meet Penina at AuthorCraft on Tuesday September 27th in the IoD

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ÔÇ£Put energy, passion, determination and vision, add a pinch of fizz and put in a little bottle. Shake well and you would have a perfect recipe for Penina ShepherdÔÇØ
Christina Ewbank, President, Chamber of Commerce, Eastbourne