Highlights from the March AuthorCraft

If you didn’t come to the latest Authorcraft meeting in March you missed a dazzling array of speakers covering everything from the inside story on the plight of retired greyhounds in the racing industry, to the difference writing a book has made in the life of one of the UK’s top comediennes; from an absolute masterclass in social media usage, to inspiring words about how to get your message across; and finally a galvanising talk about repurposing your material into more income, and of course, the secret of your pelvic floor! And that was only the half of it!

Miriam Payne gave us a wonderful talk on ‘A Greyt Pirate Tail’, her second children’s book about racing dogs. She writes to make the general public aware of the difficulties and dangers that ex-racing dogs find themselves in when they are no longer able to race or make money for their owners. And her first book, A Greyt Christmas Tail, has done so well that she was able to donate almost £2,000 to two very worthy animal charities.

Kizzie Nicholson of Social Fireworks gave us an absolute masterclass in social media in all its different forms. She offered five key tips to make social media work for you.  Choose the relevant platform for you and the audience you want to reach. Post every day. Use your own words as if talking to friends. Start conversations by tagging. Plan a content calendar with different themes every day such as Motivation Monday. An incredibly useful and clear presentation.

Dexter Moscow presented a fun, motivating showcase on communication skills; how to deliver your key message and the importance of being fully engaged with your audience. If you are not passionate about your story, why should/would your audience be? You need to put across your message with passion, enthusiasm and conviction. With hilarious anecdotes, including angels with detachable wings from QVC (you had to be there!), this was a talk not many of us will forget!

David Mellor shared some great insights into repurposing your material and turning it into new products and new income opportunities. He has been mentoring and growing entrepreneurs, coaching them about their business and has written three very helpful books to guide people all the way through their entrepreneurial journey.

Stewart Pearce, the doyenne of UK Health Radio, gave us some useful tips about how to get your message across on radio & TV – journalists are always looking out for a story so your book or idea could be the very item they are looking for to fill their airtime.

The multi-award-winning Angie le Mar, one of our best-loved comediennes, gave an absolutely hilarious talk on how her life has been so busy since the publication of her book ‘Full Circle’ last year – TV shows, talk shows, book tours around the country. She gives talks and lectures in churches every week under the title Stand-Up in Church and her latest venture is Take Me Back, a gospel musical at the Stockwell Playhouse in London. She was encouraged by Filament’s founder and MD, Chris Day, not just that she could write a book but that she should write a book. Writing a book was, in her own inimitable words, for “people over there – with a lot of intelligence to pour into a typewriter” – not having the confidence to believe that as a stand-up, TV writer, producer, playwright, she could write a book and that people would be interested in what she had to say! A wonderful, inspiring talk Angie – thank you so much!

Author showcases:

Andy Roland – gave us a mini showcase on the importance of blogging on a regular basis – Andy was blogging every day in Holy Week on his Bible in Brief website – the blogs are really well-worth taking a look at.

Ewan C Briscoe – the Taekwondo Grand Master gave us a live demonstration of his art, putting his hand through a piece of wood. His book ‘Kick Start Your Life’ is about transcending issues that you thought were impossible. Inspiring stuff!



Jenni Russell – the pelvic floor specialist gave us an insight into the importance of taking care of one’s pelvic floor to help with countless physical ailments and health problems. Her book ‘Pelvic Floor Secrets’ is a must for anyone who wants to maintain good posture and keep on top of many health issues.