Romance Author Adds Book Trailer to Tweets By Dianna Dilworth

Donna Thorland, author of the Renegades of the Revolution series from Penguin NAL has┬átaken advantage of┬áTwitterÔÇÖs new native┬ávideo┬áplatform to promote her latest book.

donnathorlandBy uploading a trailer for the book from her phone, she was able to tweet the trailer directly to her audience from within the social network. ÔÇ£I actually repurposed an existing trailer for one of my┬ábooks┬áto fit the 30 second time frame,ÔÇØ Thorland explained in an email to GalleyCat.

So how does the new Twitter platform work?

  • The video platform will support mov and mp4 files.
  • Users control what thumbnail of the video appears in tweets. Thumbnails must either be PNG or JPG files.
  • There is no file-size limit on Twitter videos; Twitter is encouraging users to use the highest quality video possible.
  • Videos can be up to 10 minutes long.
  • Videos can be tweeted out, but the tweets can’t be scheduled in advance.
  • No YouTube or outside videos will be allowed on the platform. All videos must be uploaded to the Twitter platform itself. Third-party advertisers are not allowed to run placements on the content either.
  • Twitter will supply some video stats for publishers: the number of video starts, quartile┬ácompletion rates (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and how those views were acquired (organic versus promoted). Outside analytics tools can’t be used to measure the videos.
  • Videos can be removed even after they’ve been tweeted.

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