Should authors respond to positive reviews?

By  Susan Lulgjuraj

There have been plenty of stories over the years of authors who have gone a bit off the deep end when reacting to negative reviews. However, what should authors do when a good review comes along?

Some have thanked the reviewer for their opinion, while others say nothing.

 Being thankful or silence.

Personally, I enjoy when an author leaves a comment on one of my reviews. A simple ÔÇÿthank youÔÇÖ can go a long way, especially if the remarks donÔÇÖt feel spammy. Rather, the author seemed to appreciate that you took the time to read their book and write a review for it, even if the review wasnÔÇÖt 100 percent positive.

Often that small bit of interaction will get me to see what else the author has written and possibly continue reading more of their work. It feels that they are in this with the reader, a collaborative effort.

As anything on the internet, it often feels like we are shouting (or writing) into this great void. Without comments, it feels as though no one could be paying attention. So even if the author is the only person to comment, at least that is one.

Although, the key is not to make the remarks feel automated. However, if authors are thin-skinned and find themselves looking to defend even the slightest bit of criticism, no response is probably the best option.