Social Media. Love It or Loath It; It’s Not Going Anywhere.

Social Media. Love It or Loath It; It’s Not Going Anywhere.

It’s time for any business, whether start-up or long-term established to get on it AND get on it in the right way.

Getting on social media in the right way is the part many businesses miss out.

I experience conversations like this all the time with business owners, marketeers and decision makers;


Client: “I post all the time on Facebook, it doesn’t work for us, I’m not interested in using social media.”

Me: “Why do you believe it isn’t working for you?”

Client: “Social media just isn’t for our business, I mean, we’re posting 3 times a day & not getting anything.”

Me: Looks at Facebook page.

Me: “Well, I can see several things we could vastly improve but first and foremost, your business is on the wrong social platform, your business shouldn’t be on Facebook.”


Social media will work for your business.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to having your business on social media; your industry, your business, your product/ service offered, your target audience, your business goals and last but not least, what social media channel you enjoy most.

There are 100s of different approaches to get your business on social media, there is a right approach for you. Whether your industry is financial, insurance, creative, FMCG… B2C or B2B! This is an exciting opportunity (not daunting, honest!) to expand your business, and arguably necessary for survival as consumer behaviour online changes.

Speak to a social media specialist, like the team at Social Fireworks to help you get your business on social media in the right way. A 20minute chat over a coffee to hit the right touch points and your business will shine on social media.