The advantages of working with a professional editor


We are delighted to introduce you to our growing team of editors and book coaches.  Getting clarity at every stage of your book project or your manuscript from concept to completion, is so much easier when you are working with an experienced editor.  Whether you need help with structure and style, or with bringing your book to market,  the different business models open to you or supply chain and distribution, we have talented editors and book coaches ready to help you.

Being an author can be a lonely and confusing place. Working with an editor, you are not alone and also have the reassurance that your manuscript is oven ready and the best it can possibly be.

Above are Liz Sheppard Jones, Janey Lee Grace, Wendy Yorke, Dee Blick, Louise Lubke-Cuss and Jane Mallin. AuthorCraft founder and publisher, Chris Day coaches on Business models, routes to market and book marketing techniques.

You will meet them all at our regular monthly author events at the Institute of Directors in the Institute of Directors in London where they will be pleased to talk to you and answer your questions.