Top tips for how to get a cookbook published

Top tips for how to get a cookbook published

One publish and two authors from the food world, give you their top tips on how to get your idea published

KATE LOUGH  writing in the Evening Standard

Is it your dream to write a cookbook? Then make sure you read the below first. It’s a super competitive market and this advice from three experts – a publisher and two authors – will set you you stead.

Stephanie Jackson, Publishing Director at Octopus Books

  1. The two things I want to see from aspiring authors: firstly, that you have a┬áreally totally awesome idea. However, having a good idea is not enough sadly, lots of cool people with good ideas who deserve to be published donÔÇÖt get published; secondly, you also have a platform, (some kind of audience) and credibility. That can come from your own accomplishments or a respected agent.
  2. Get your pitch right - you will need to capture the attention of a publisher or an agent, (we are getting dozens of pitches every week) so you have to make sure you rise above the pile.
  3. Make sure you spell check, it is crucial! People find it rude; take the time to read it through, you only get one shot. Don’t give people an easy reason to say no.

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James Duigan, founder of Bodyism and author of the Clean and Lean books

  1. You need to believe in yourself and your books more than your publishers. You know your brand and what you are trying to say better than anyone. ┬áIf you let your authenticity get diluted, it wonÔÇÖt work for anyone.
  2. Find your ÔÇ£Why?ÔÇØ! ┬áWhy are you doing what you are doing? That will get you through the lean times and the discouraging times. They will happen and you will make it work if you are really determined, I believe that.
  3. Hustle! Be relentless!

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Kara Rosen, Founder of Plenish and author of Plenish the cookbook

  1. If you have a day job (i.e.a brand or company) and a book is an additional passion project, finding the right agent can make the process a lot more streamlined. You’ll get right to the publishers that make sense for you and your idea.
  2. Know your audience and how busy they are. Make sure your pitch is mega punchy, spell checked, and ideally, visually engaging. When you imagine a publisher has pile of pitches in their in-box a mile high – find a way to cut through. Books are creative expressions in their own right so make sure you show your creativity.
  3. I found it easiest to write my intro first. It really helped keep me in check as I wrote the rest of the book. It’s easy to get long-winded and writing out why I wrote the book and what I wanted it to do for readers helped me stay on target with the very reason I wanted to create the book!

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