Turning your Knowledge into Income – by Chris Day

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If people are telling you that you have a book inside you, where do you start?  Turning your knowledge into income by Chris Day will take you through the process of writing a book, and then show you how to successfully market it and make a profit.



Many people forget that their great asset is not their house or their car, but their knowledge. ┬áWhen people are looking for an extra income ┬ávery often the last place they look is within their brains. If you have spent a lifetime making deposits into your Bank of Knowledge, now is the time to make a withdrawal. Knowledge can be turned into income in a variety of ways. Chris Day’s book is full of ideas to help you identify what you know that could be of value to others, and then shows you what to do to turn it into knowledge based products – and to sell them at a profit. Along with expert contributions from top authors like Brian Mayne, Ron G Holland, John S Rushton, David Barber and Colin Bennett, plus marketing and PR advice from Jonathan Jay and Ray Hodges, this book is crammed with practical information and advice to help turn your knowledge into income.

Chris Day is a business journalist. He writes a monthly column in Making Money Magazine. In 2000, he founded Filament Publishing Ltd to help niche authors to overcome the obstacles to getting their book published, and to help them to market them at a profit to themselves.


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