Social Media Essentials for Authors – Antony Welfare

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If you want to build a business around your books you first need to build a following on social media

To be a successful author you need to be easily discovered.  Social media is where people will look first

Written by a Retailer who uses Social Media to make money!!

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The E-Revolution has changed the world of business for authors

The world has now changed and you can publish a book yourself online, easily, quickly and with you in control.

The challenge is that whilst it is a lot easier now to create a book, people need to understand how to generate the demand for it, otherwise it is just going to sit there – nobody knows you, nobody knows what you want to say and nobody will hear your message.

YouTube and other social media channels allow anybody to be a ‘rock star’┬Ø, but as with your book, you are one of millions and you must have a marketing plan for your book.

This book tells you, step-by-step  what to do.


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